Setup your food to prepare for great food photography

You can improve your food photography with one key step, the setup! Any product you shoot looks better when it is stylized. Here are three examples of food setups to help you.

food, photography, setup

For this food setup, we used a background under the food and behind it. They are simple sheets only a couple of feet wide, and it made it look amazing. Another key element in this photo was the wooden block. The block helped us adjust different items so they weren’t all on the same level.

food, photography, setup

I gained a new love for overhead food photography with this setup. The background here is just the floor! We used a scarf to add color that matched the artichoke.

food, photography, setup food, photography, setup

The light theme works very well in these photos. You can use simple white sheets to create this effect. White and red rags helped as well.

Try different objects, stands, backgrounds, and accessories to set up your food photography shoot.

Here are some tips to help you with the lighting on these setups.

This photographer is great at food photography.