In the advertisement shown above, contrast is used to draw the reader’s attention to the most important parts of the poster. “Kolynos Dental Cream” is colored in dark blue with bright yellow behind the words to make it stand out. There are other examples in this ad such as the wording “Spotlight on Service” colored bright red with a dark blue and green background.


The color yellow is one use of repetition in this image. From the dental cream and woman’s hair to the banner behind the title, this vibrant yellow draws the different portions together. Using green, blue, and red in various areas also shows repetition. Each color is used more than once in the ad.


A right alignment for the instructional paragraphs creates an easy-to-read design and still shows that it is not the main subject. The title at the bottom is obviously the main attraction and can pull off a great center alignment.


One example of proximity is the closeness of the woman with the dental cream. Because the cream is close to her, we assume that she uses it, and that is the reason she has a bright smile. Without the cream being in arms reach, we may not draw the same connection.


Red, blue, and green are normally geared for children, but by dimming the tone of each color, they work together very well. Some green is added which takes away the child effect. This poster is an excellent example of how the primary colors can work together in an adult advertisement.