Blend your photos and make something incredible

composite, light, photoshop, woods

Creating a killer composite is all about light and showing off your photoshop skills. These woods started out as a plain old photo that was uninteresting but had potential. The light was flat, but photoshop had the right tools to spice it up into a composite.

composite, light, photoshop, woods

I first downloaded a free light brush set for photoshop and worked on the sun flare. After a few gradients, brush strokes, and color adjustments, I added in my model to the composite.

composite, light, photoshop, woods

In order to be part of the composite, my model had to match the light. I pasted her into the woods and flipped her around so she was facing the light. The lighting around her had to match the woods, so I darkened and desaturated her.

One of the last steps to making this killer composite was to enhance the light and shadows with the dodge and burn. Finally, I adjusted the tone and bam! A killer composite was created.

Brooke Shaden is an amazing, creative composite professional. Check out her site for more inspiration! 

Here is another site with tutorials.