How I made myself all the characters on Pitch Perfect

PitchPerfect, Movie, Poster, Spoof, Composite

Pitch Perfect has a variety of posters for each movie, and I knew I had to find one to recreate. Creating a spoof of the Pitch Perfect 3 movie poster took some sass as I attempted to copy them. I tried to pose like each Bardon Bella. The original movie poster was next to me the whole time so I could match outfits, poses, and lighting.

Posing was only the first part of creating this movie poster spoof. Pitch Perfect 3 had a unique found with the helpful Adobe fonts. For the movie poster background, I created a wall using plain gray and grungy texture. The base is a simple wood texture desaturated.

Then I placed each photo of the different poses into this new background and blended them with shadows. Creating the Pitch Perfect movie poster spoof sparked my love for the movie again, and the songs have been in my head ever since.

Here is a link to the original poster.

This is also a great resource on how to create your movie poster.