Take your ordinary to extraordinary with some Photoshop tip

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How did such an ordinary photo become such an extraordinary photo? Here are some Photoshop tips on how to create something great out of something not so great.

Photoshop Tip 1: Focus on the eyes. Even ordinary eyes become extraordinary when you highlight and show them off.

Photoshop Tip 2: Use other photos to blend into your original photo. The image above became extraordinary by masking another photo on top of it.

Photoshop tip 3: Use gradients. Often times I will use colored gradients to blend the images and create a whole new mood.

Photoshop tip 4: Extraordinary photos come from trial and error. I used a free fog brush preset in this photo, and it took a couple tries until I found the one I liked.

Photoshop tip 5: Just go for it! There are so many ideas swirling around in that head of yours. Take your Photoshop skills and start playing around to make something extraordinary.

These are some basic instructions for photoshop. https://www.wix.com/blog/2016/10/10-photoshop-tips-and-tricks-for-beginners/

Nathaniel Dodson is great with photoshop. He gives some great advice in this video. https://www.slrlounge.com/five-photoshop-tips-in-five-minutes/