Take on the broad daylight with outdoorsy portraits

Shooting in broad daylight can be nerve-racking! These outdoorsy portraits were all taken in the middle of the day at Grand Teton National Park. Most portraits are better off with a slightly overcast day, but you CAN succeed with full sun. These photos use 3 different methods to shoot in broad daylight.

outdoorsy, portraits, broad, daylight

Method 1: Just use the sun! I didn’t have to use any kind of reflector or speed light for this shot because the sun lit her up enough! Her outdoorsy theme also fits the mood.

outdoorsy, portraits, broad, daylightoutdoorsy, portraits, broad, daylight

Method 2: Photo number 3 is taken with a speed light so I could darken the background as much as possible. With such harsh sun it is better to use a speed light with a high sync speed. Most speed lights can only have a shutter speed up to 1/200, and you may need to cut out more light.

outdoorsy, portraits, broad, daylight

outdoorsy, portraits, broad, daylight

Method 3: The last method with outdoorsy portraits in broad daylight is to use a reflector. Here we used a gold reflector to get that warm light on her face.

And there you have it! There are 3 simple methods to help you with your portraits in broad daylight.

This website explains high sync speed. https://www.slrlounge.com/broad-daylight-flash-sun-high-speed-sync/

Kira Whitney is another photographer who teaches how to shoot in broad daylight. https://www.kira-whitney.com/blog/2014/12/7/shooting-in-broad-daylight