Creative uses for long exposure photography

Long exposure photography opens doors to creativity and a new way to see the world of light.

The number one resource you need for long exposure photography shots is a tripod. In order for any of your creative shots to be in focus, a tripod is necessary.

Then you can get your creative juices flowing, Depending on how you want to blur or freeze the light will determine your shutter speed. The three photos below were taken with a shutter speed between five and fifteen seconds.

Some creative ideas in the photos below include light blur with flashlights, light painting to tell a story with flashlights, and moving an orb ball around to create the squiggle.

creative, exposure, photographycreative, exposure, photographycreative, exposure, photography

Other resources:

The site listed above gives specific instructions on how to shoot long exposure photography.

Eric Curry is a great at light painting! Check him out.