3 tips on lighting group photos

Lighting group photos can be difficult. Someone is too bright. Another is too dark. You can’t get even lighting. It can be a pain! Here are three small tips on how to get even lighting for a group photo.

Tip 1: Have a large light source. A larger light source will give you more even light and softer shadows.

Tip 2: Use a fill light. A fill light will soften shadows for everyone.

Tip 3:  Use a reflector. The larger the reflector the better! You’ll notice that both images below were shot by white walls. The walls acted as large reflectors to fill shadows for the group.


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These two photographers are masters at lighting group photos. https://theportraitmasters.com/product/group-lighting/

Here is a website with more instructions on how to light a group photo. https://petapixel.com/2017/09/30/shoot-annie-leibovitz-style-group-portrait-affordable-gear/