Learn how to change your photo dramatically by adding a light bulb

Lightbulbs and babies usually don’t go well together, right? You think of light bulbs and energy, lightbulbs and a house, even lightbulbs and breaking glass! But what happens when we add photoshop? These two unrelated subjects become an amazing photoshop composite. Here is a small tutorial and tips for you to create composites with lightbulbs.

One thing to notice is where the light is coming from. The baby in this photo had light coming from above her, so I made sure to place the light bulb directly above her.

lightbulb, composite, photoshop, tutorial

Blending the saturation and brightness levels of your photos will make or break your composite. There are a few tools in photoshop that you can use to make each one blend better. The clipping mask is great to isolate an adjustment to one layer.

lightbulb, composite, photoshop, tutorial

Light bulbs are better with light! I used a free brush preset to add light strokes to this composite. Hopefully these small tips help you will help you with your next light bulb composite.

lightbulb, composite, photoshop, tutorial

Here is another fun idea you could try with light bulbs and photoshop. https://harshvardhanart.com/blood-splash-bulb-photo-manipulation-photoshop/

This photographer has another video on photo manipulation. http://www.rafy-a.com/2016/04/photoshop-manipulation-tutorial-with.html