Two places to visit near eastern Idaho

There are a couple of places in Idaho that take my breath away every time I visit. Of course, I am a mountain person. So these places to visit have to be in the mountains.

Place to visit number one: Mesa Falls is located in Ashton, Idaho. Most people know about the main falls. There are the upper and lower falls that many visitors go to. But there are some trails just across the road from the main falls that lead a to this incredible scene! If you ever visit Mesa Falls, try out this location too.

Idaho, mountains, visit

Place to visit number two: The next two photos are taken at Palisades Reservoir. There are many hikes and places to visit at the reservoir, but my favorite is calamity campground and boat dock.

Idaho, mountains, visit Idaho, mountains, visit

This website gives a few more ideas on what to do in Idaho.

Timothy Floyd is a great Idaho landscape photographer. Check him out too!