There is no doubt that this poster is professionally done. It looks amazing! But what makes it so great?


I actually find it interesting that this artist used the same font throughout the whole gig poster, but it really works. In order to provide contrast with the text, he/she used different sized, shadows, and colors.


At first glance, your eye falls directly on the subject’s eye. He is the focus. There are a couple reasons for this. His face has the most contrast in values in the entire image. The lines of the wall, bench, and floor are all leading to him, and the mic cord leads directly to him. All of these components draws the attention directly to the subject.


This poster is completely monochromatic. The only color that exists here is green with very light shades and very dark shades to create the illusion of depth. The artist uses green in the title, subject, information, and anywhere else he/she needed color.