Photoshop tutorial: how to composite fire into portraits

Take your simple portrait and spice it up with some photoshop skills. I created this tutorial so you can see the exact steps I took to combine fire into a portrait.

The most important part of a portrait is the eyes. If the subject’s eyes are showing, everything should draw you to them. You’ll notice that I played around with the positioning of the fire in the photoshop tutorial to keep a highlighted area on her eyes.

fire, composite, tutorial, photoshop

I adjusted the color of the fire because I knew the kind of style I was going for. You could easily change the color of the fire to whatever you want for creative purposes.

fire, composite, tutorial, photoshop

This is the original photo in the composite. Combining photos creates a whole different story than the one you start with.

fire, composite, tutorial, photoshop

This is another awesome video for you to see how to composite sparks and fire.

This photographer had another cool idea to use with portraits and fire.