General design principles are used in millions of images and graphics. It is incredible how many pieces of art are created following simple guidelines. The artist who created the graphic below focused on at least three principles that made his image stand out and look very professional. Focusing on the color, repetition, and use of negative space made the image work.


The monochromatic effect is essential to this image. There are about ten different shades of blue, and by using dark and light tones, the artist was able to provide the depth and contrast needed.


Almost every object we see here is repeated. The trees are a prime example of repetition, but there are multiple examples to look at throughout the image. Notice how each object repeated is balanced as well.

Negative Space

Nature teaches us a great lesson about negative space. The treeline against a clear sky is a perfect representation. Here the mountain range overlaying a light negative space helps it stand out.


Just as the artist of the blue mountains graphic, designers all around the world enhance and create beautiful work by using simple principles like these ones.