BTS: Josh Petersen Photography

Behind the scenes senior session with Josh Petersen Photography

Josh Petersen’s artistic portraiture displays high school seniors in a way that shows off their hobbies, interests, and personality. This video gives a behind-the-scenes look at how he does it. His high energy and specific instructions help the high school seniors feel comfortable and confident.

Best Photos in Professional Imaging

These are the best photos taken in professional imaging

Professional Imaging is a class I’ve been taking the past few months. This class has included all types of photography ranging from portraits to landscapes to commercial to architecture, and we’ve covered it all in this short amount of time! The photos below are the best photos in this professional imaging class. Portraits are, of course, my specialty so you will see some of my favorite portraits, but there are a couple of landscapes, food, and product shots.

Best, photos, professional, imaging

Best, photos, professional, imaging

Best, photos, professional, imaging

Best, photos, professional, imaging

Best, photos, professional, imaging

Best, photos, professional, imaging

amazing photoshop secrets

amazing photoshop secrets

amazing photoshop secrets

Best, photos, professional, imaging

Best, photos, professional, imaging

best angles in women's fashion

People are always asking where to print their photos. If I were to print these I would either choose Makenna Pro or Millers. Here is a link to Miller’s.

The Best Food Photography Setups

Setup your food to prepare for great food photography

You can improve your food photography with one key step, the setup! Any product you shoot looks better when it is stylized. Here are three examples of food setups to help you.

food, photography, setup

For this food setup, we used a background under the food and behind it. They are simple sheets only a couple of feet wide, and it made it look amazing. Another key element in this photo was the wooden block. The block helped us adjust different items so they weren’t all on the same level.

food, photography, setup

I gained a new love for overhead food photography with this setup. The background here is just the floor! We used a scarf to add color that matched the artichoke.

food, photography, setup food, photography, setup

The light theme works very well in these photos. You can use simple white sheets to create this effect. White and red rags helped as well.

Try different objects, stands, backgrounds, and accessories to set up your food photography shoot.

Here are some tips to help you with the lighting on these setups.

This photographer is great at food photography.


Light bulb Composite Tutorial

Learn how to change your photo dramatically by adding a light bulb

Lightbulbs and babies usually don’t go well together, right? You think of light bulbs and energy, lightbulbs and a house, even lightbulbs and breaking glass! But what happens when we add photoshop? These two unrelated subjects become an amazing photoshop composite. Here is a small tutorial and tips for you to create composites with lightbulbs.

One thing to notice is where the light is coming from. The baby in this photo had light coming from above her, so I made sure to place the light bulb directly above her.

lightbulb, composite, photoshop, tutorial

Blending the saturation and brightness levels of your photos will make or break your composite. There are a few tools in photoshop that you can use to make each one blend better. The clipping mask is great to isolate an adjustment to one layer.

lightbulb, composite, photoshop, tutorial

Light bulbs are better with light! I used a free brush preset to add light strokes to this composite. Hopefully these small tips help you will help you with your next light bulb composite.

lightbulb, composite, photoshop, tutorial

Here is another fun idea you could try with light bulbs and photoshop.

This photographer has another video on photo manipulation.

Fire Composite Tutorial

Photoshop tutorial: how to composite fire into portraits

Take your simple portrait and spice it up with some photoshop skills. I created this tutorial so you can see the exact steps I took to combine fire into a portrait.

The most important part of a portrait is the eyes. If the subject’s eyes are showing, everything should draw you to them. You’ll notice that I played around with the positioning of the fire in the photoshop tutorial to keep a highlighted area on her eyes.

fire, composite, tutorial, photoshop

I adjusted the color of the fire because I knew the kind of style I was going for. You could easily change the color of the fire to whatever you want for creative purposes.

fire, composite, tutorial, photoshop

This is the original photo in the composite. Combining photos creates a whole different story than the one you start with.

fire, composite, tutorial, photoshop

This is another awesome video for you to see how to composite sparks and fire.

This photographer had another cool idea to use with portraits and fire.

Outdoorsy Couple Photoshoot

This outdoorsy couple stopped for us to have a mini photoshoot

Imagine you are with your significant other. You are walking through the snow, and the trailhead is right in front of you. You see a group of young photographers starting to pack up their equipment, but some of them stop when they see you. Then one of them approaches you. Can we take photos of you? And you gladly agree to model for a minute before you start your hike in Grand Teton National Park.

That’s what this outdoorsy couple did for us! Something I learned from this experience is that there is a possible photoshoot all around. You just have to be willing to ask.

Outdoorsy, couple, photoshoot

Outdoorsy, couple, photoshoot

Outdoorsy, couple, photoshoot


This photographer is all about outdoor couple photoshoots!

And here is another site that shows some great outdoor couple photos.


Using Speed Lights in Portrait Photography

What difference can speed lights make in your portrait photography?

It makes all the difference! There are two main problems when we do not use a speed light in portrait photography. Either the background is overexposed or the model is underexposed. Without a speed light, there is no happy medium!

portrait, speed light, photography

portrait, speed light, photography

The two portraits above are examples of exposing for the model’s face. You can see that the lighting on him is great, but the background is overexposed.

portrait, speed light, photography

Now this is what happens when we try to expose for the background. The subject is underexposed!

portrait, speed light, photography

portrait, speed light, photography

These last two portraits are what happens when we use a speed light in your photography! You can expose for both the background and the subject. Both of our problems are solved.

This website will give you a little more information on using speed lights with headshots.

Mike Mcgee is great at using speed lights. You may want to check out his work, too.

Outdoorsy Portraits in Broad Daylight

Take on the broad daylight with outdoorsy portraits

Shooting in broad daylight can be nerve-racking! These outdoorsy portraits were all taken in the middle of the day at Grand Teton National Park. Most portraits are better off with a slightly overcast day, but you CAN succeed with full sun. These photos use 3 different methods to shoot in broad daylight.

outdoorsy, portraits, broad, daylight

Method 1: Just use the sun! I didn’t have to use any kind of reflector or speed light for this shot because the sun lit her up enough! Her outdoorsy theme also fits the mood.

outdoorsy, portraits, broad, daylightoutdoorsy, portraits, broad, daylight

Method 2: Photo number 3 is taken with a speed light so I could darken the background as much as possible. With such harsh sun it is better to use a speed light with a high sync speed. Most speed lights can only have a shutter speed up to 1/200, and you may need to cut out more light.

outdoorsy, portraits, broad, daylight

outdoorsy, portraits, broad, daylight

Method 3: The last method with outdoorsy portraits in broad daylight is to use a reflector. Here we used a gold reflector to get that warm light on her face.

And there you have it! There are 3 simple methods to help you with your portraits in broad daylight.

This website explains high sync speed.

Kira Whitney is another photographer who teaches how to shoot in broad daylight.

Freezing Motion in Food Photography

Food photography in motion is more appealing

motion, food, photography, freezing motion, food, photography, freezing

These are two examples of freezing motion in food photography. The first was taken inside. We lit it with continuous studio lights. My favorite part of the photo is the small backsplash on the background. I set the camera on a tripod and took multiple photos while we dropped cereal into the bowl. Then I was able to composite a couple of photos to catch more cereal pieces freezing in motion.

The second photo was taken outside. We placed two lights on either side of the bottle and one on front. They had to be placed behind the bottle in order to freeze the motion of the water in the air. The bottle was on a piece of plexiglass so that the reflection showed in the photo.

Here is another site about freezing motion in food photography.

This is an article about how food in motion is more appealing.

Tips for Smoke Bomb Photography

Learn a few tips that will improve your smoke bomb photography

Smoke bomb photography is a creative technique that many photographers are trying out. Here are a few tips to help you improve your smoke bomb photography.

Tip 1: You will most likely get the best photos when you first start the smoke bomb. After about 30 seconds the bomb becomes very foggy and your subject will be covered.

Tip 2: Remember that the smoke bomb is affected by the wind. Wind will sweep it away very fast.

Tip 3: Use a tripod. Focus on the subject manually. When the smoke bombs start to fog, it will be difficult to focus on the subjects face.

tips, smoke, bomb, photography tips, smoke, bomb, photography tips, smoke, bomb, photography

Here is another site that will help you with smoke bomb photography.

And here is a photographer that specializes in smoke bomb photography.


This is Kenzie Gulley

This is Kenzie Gulley

Photography is a chance to hold on to happiness, to realize how far you've come, and to reflect on the magnificent moments God gives you every day.


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