Best 5

From this past semester, these five photos have to be my favorite. I like each one of them for slightly different reasons, but there are a few overarching themes through all of them. I think that each one shows my artistic style. My images tend to be sharp, warm, and...

Macro Photography

Intense detail. That’s what stood out to me about macro photography. It opens up a whole new way of seeing the world and points out all the small, seemingly meaningless details of life. These photos were all taken in a room with various setups of continuous...

Fine Art at Bannack

At Bannack, I was shooting with hard light during the day. All natural soft light came from nice window light, but the hard light seeping in through the windows really caught my eye.

Creative Images from Bannack

Each of the images below were taken at Bannack, Montana. It was a beautiful day, and photographers were shooting like crazy all around me. With limited time and plenty of work to do, some creativity was required. Every single photo has a different story. Levitation...

Bannack Series

I chose to photography wheels around Bannack, Montana. The abandoned carts, wheelbarrows, and tools made for a great collection.