This animation really caught my attention. I was very impressed with the continuous loop, the way the artist made the character walk, and the movement of the road.

In order to make this animation keep going, the first step had to match the last step. Then it appears that she keeps walking.

If we pay attention to the way she walks, we see a lot of detail that went into it. Every time she steps, her foot is rotated so that her heel hits first and her toe is the last thing to hit the ground. Even her shadow adjusts to steps.

This drawing shows all the different steps of someone walking. I like that the artist used an instrument case to cover her knees.

In order to make it look like the subject is moving, all the artist had to do was move the lines of the crosswalk. If you pay attention to all the things around it, nothing else moves.

With the continuous movement of the crosswalk lines and the repetitive steps, this illustration looks natural and professional.